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ISL95530HIZ-TR5655 POWER IC U7100 U71000


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ISL95530HIZ-TR5655 POWER IC U7100 U71000

This chipset is ISL95530HIZ-TR5655 Power IC U7100 U71000 is the buck controller for PPBUS_G3H (G 3 Hot) power rail for 12 inch MacBooks manufactured between 2015 to 2018.

MacBook 12 inch was first released in the year 2015. The Power IC failure is a common problem on these 12-inch Macbook’s. Especially if the MacBook was exposed to any type of liquid (water, wine, milk, cola.)

U7100 in  820-00045 and U7000 in 820-00224.

This chipset is also known for the  PP3V3R3V0_AON which is a common cause of low resistance for ground on the PP3V3R3V0_AON power rail.

Please Note: This chipset requires an experienced micro soldering specialist to solder onto the logic board.

MacBook 12 inch logic boards are very small compared to pro & air boards.

Compatible with the logic boards listed below

  • 820-00145
  • 820-00244