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MG Chemicals 860-150G


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MG Chemicals 860-150G

Mg chemicals 860-150G. Is a silicon-based heat transfer compound. Mg chemicals 860-150G.Is the product code. 150gr is the net quantity of compound inside the tube.

MG Chemicals 860-150g, Overview

A “traditional” thermally conductive grease based on zinc oxide and silicone oil that provides good thermal conductivity across a wide operating temperature range. Non-conductive, non-capacitive, and non-corrosive, it is used to improve the thermal conductivity between irregular metal surfaces. It is widely used to improve heat flow between heat sinks and heat generating electronic components such as CPU’s, GPU’s, and power components. Silicone thermal greases are preferred in high operating temperature applications where silicone migration is not a concern.

MG Chemicals 860-150G, Features

  • Very high maximum operating temperature (-68°C – +200°C)
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • High dielectric strength
  • Non-bleeding
  • Non-conductive
  • Long service life
  • Safe on plastics
  • Provides excellent corrosion resistance
  • Contact conductivity improvement

MG Chemicals 860-150G. Applications & Uses

  • Irregular surfaces conductivity improvement
  • Computers, Laptops, Servers, Sound equipment MacBook.

Why Use, MG Chemicals 860-150G?

After testing many different brands including Arctic Silver, Noctua, Cooler Master, Thermal Grizzly and a few others, we have come to the conclusion that mg chemicals 860-150g, is unbeatable for its performance, price and quantity. Individual testing on HP, Toshiba, Metabox, Dell, Razor, Alienware, and MacBook have proven to have lower the CPU temperatures and increase the CPU speeds. For i7 Intel quad-core and i5 CPU’s the CPU performance had an average of 30% to 50% increase. Upon further testing on MacBook, MacBook Air & MacBook Pro laptops this silicon compound automatically became the only compound we now use and recommend.

For any laptop repair shop, this is a must to have. All water damaged or liquid damaged motherboards at some stage require ultrasonic cleaning either before or after the micro soldering. For this process, the CPU heatsink has to be removed and the existing thermal compound must be cleaned before the ultrasonic bath. Once the logic board is cleaned before testing the CPU heatsink compound along with the heatsink should be installed.

Well, even if the logic board does not require an ultrasonic cleaning. It is worth reapplying the thermal compound between the heatsink and CPU. From our experience, all MacBook’s manufactured before 2013 must have this done. Because the original factory compound has now become dry and brittle. Therefore not dissipating the heat from the CPU to the heatsink. In lamen terms more heat equals less CPU speeds, less heat equals more CPU speeds. With, mg chemicals 860-150G, this is easily achievable.

mg chemicals 860-150g is very cost effective. The 150gr tube costs only $29. Compare this to a 3.5gr of arctic silver which costs $12. MG CHEMICALS 860-150G is the best in the market today. Mg chemicals are what we use and recommend to other repair shops.

If you like to learn more about, mg chemicals 860-150G, contact us today.