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XBOX 360 RGH JTAG Service


Are you looking for an XBOX 360 RGH service in Melbourne?

We do XBOX 360 RGH and JTAG on xbox 360 consoles. We are based in Melbourne. You can send your consoles to us from anywhere in AUSTRALIA via our mail-in repair service. Once your XBOX 360 is modded with RGH & JTAG, we will ship it back to you within the same day.


What does XBOB 360 RGH do?

RGH short for Reset Glitch Hack, allows your console to run a custom code. This code allows you to upgrade to homebrew and emulators. Another added benefit of XBOX RGH is it allows you play backups and region free games. Black Ops 2 Mode & GTAV mods are also available upon request. Once your XBOX 360 console is modded you can play and load games faster from your Hard Drive. Compared to loading the games from the optical drive. By also playing the games directly from your XBOX 360 HDD (hard disk drive) you won’t wear out your optical drive lens.


Can I go online with the RGH?

Yes and No! Yes, you can, but you will be banned from XBOX LIVE. There are workarounds using stealth servers but we do NOT setup or help with this service in any way.


How long does it take?

RGH can take an hour or more depending on the console.


What does it come with?

RGH service comes with the installation of a modchip which will allow your console to glitch. We can also install a dash of your choice. Gadget Fix Melbourne game console repair experts can help you today.


What about mods?

We also install XEX menu by default. But after this, you are on your own. You will need to mod yourself. There are plenty of tutorials you can follow online.


Will it void my warranty?

Yes, all mods void warranty. We offer our warranty for only our labour and service.