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iPhone / iPad / iPod / Smartphone Micro Soldering Repairs

More often than not,  logic board, daughter board and motherboard problems can be repaired for a very small cost compared to purchasing a new one. Usually these problems are caused by a drop, or by a electrical shortage , or even sometimes a water spill or a liquid damage. This

If you have damaged a connector or damaged board level components with a prying tool while attempting to do your own repair to save some money, please do not worry. iPhone Repair Melbourne Gadget Fix will fix it for you.

The most common problems on th e Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and iPod & Smartphones are:

  • iPhone 6 / 6+ Touch IC Replacement
  • iPhone Charging IC (U2 / U1700 / Tristar) Replacement
  • No Backlight
  • No Display
  • Damaged LCD Connector
  • Damaged Digitizer (touch screen FPC ) Connector
  • Damaged Battery Connector
  • Pry damage
  • SIM Card Reader Replacement
  • Crystal Oscillator Replacement (iPhone time not updating)
  • Charge Port Replacements (Samsung Galaxy S3, Tab 3 7″, Asus Google Nexus 7″, iPod Touch 5th Gen, Xperia Z series, iPad Mini, iPad Air etc)

We use the best microsoldering equipment so your device can be repaired and up and going again.

I understand how difficult it is to find people to do this type of work, so if you are in Victoria, Melbourne , Regional Victoria or anywhere else in Australia  we have a secure P.O. Box where most of our clients currently use.


MacBook Component Level Logic Board Repair

A faulty motherboard can in most cases be repaired for a fraction of the price of replacing the board or the computer. Even if the fault is caused by liquid damage.

Common symptoms of a motherboard issue:

  • Powers off the Battery, but not off the adaptor – or vise versa
  • No green or orange light on the Magsafe adaptor
  • No Back light
  • Running Slow
  • 1/4 fan spin
  • No Image
  • No power
  • No Wifi

Get in touch for pricing today . email  repairs@www.macbookrehab.com.au or visit www.gadgetfix.com.au