Component Level Repair

> Component Level Repair

In the late 80’s and 90’s manufacturers started making some cool electronic toys & gadgets. Do you remember your first remote controlled battery operated car?. For some, it was their Sony CD Walkman where you could not listen to your favorite tunes anywhere you wanted. How about the early Polaroid instant print camera’s. And then we got introduced to mobile telephones. Like Ericsson’s flip or Nokia’s 6120. With time and technology, these devices evolved like us. Now you can listen to any tune from your smartphone whilst be able to take high-quality pictures and record videos. Remote controlled cars turned into remotely controlled drones which can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h and record video from 1000 meters above.

Basically, the electrical devices got more compact, more sophisticated and more expensive to replace.  Basic DJI drone can cost you upwards of $1000. Latest iPhone X costs $1500 fully optioned. So it has become more worthwhile to repair these devices rather than let it go to waste. At Gadget Fix Australia we have the equipment coupled with our repair industry expertise to repair almost anything. Sometimes only a single component failure can cause a device to malfunction and not turn on.

The component damage is either a manufacturer fault which they never tried fixing it. Or it can be caused by a liquid spill. Or perhaps a accidental physical damage. Regardless of the situation or the condition we can help you bring these devices back to life.

Some of the devices we repair on a component level are

  • Drones
  • GPS Navigation Systems and Epirb
  • Medical Equipment, Hospital Equipment, Scientific Equipment
  • Digital Scales, Infra red measuring devices, Levelling equipment
  • Amplifiers, turntables, sound equipment, and DJ equipment.
  • All Laptops including MacBook, Toshiba, Dell, Acer, Sony, Microsoft
  • All Tablets, including iPad, Samsung Tab.
  • All SmartPhones including Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Note, A, J.
  • Smart Watches
  • Remote controlled toys, gadgets, devices.
  • Computers, Servers, Mac Mini, Mac Pro.

These components require a micro soldering expert to first diagnose the fault and then to replace the faulty component. Usually, it is on a circuit board ranging from a capacitor, resistor, USB controller, power management IC, controller module.

For example, a device that is worth around $500 may only require a single component to start working again which can cost you as little as $60.


Component Level Repair

Have you been running around trying to find someone that can repair chips for your electrical equipment? Gadget Fix is Australia’s leading chip replacement company.

Benefits of component repair

  • Repair for a fraction of replacement cost
  • Add value to non-working electrical equipment
  • Better resale value
  • Recovery of data if required
  • Recycle & Save environment
  • Sentimental value reasons

We Are

  • Affordable
  • Fast turnaround
  • Australia wide service
  • Complete solution
  • Knowledge and Expertise


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