MacBook Data Recovery FAQ

> MacBook Data Recovery FAQ

How Long Does MacBook Data Recovery Take?

  • MacBook Data Recovery can take up to 2-3 business days. If the MacBook is manufactured between 2016-2021 it may even take longer. Our MacBook data recovery services are specifically for MacBooks. Especially high-end MacBooks manufactured between 2016-2021.
  • If your MacBook data recovery is rather urgent, let us know and we will see if there is any way to make this possible¬†for you. For all urgent or critical MacBook data recovery, there may additional costs involved.

Which MacBooks Can You Retrieve Data From?

  • We are MacBook data retrieval experts in all models & all years. Especially when it comes to high-end MacBooks from the year 2016-2021. Basically, any data retrieval specialist in Australia can extract data from a working logic board. Our difference is we can extract data from dead MacBooks and dead logic boards. We repair chipsets on a component level to get your MacBook logic board up and running to retrieve your data. We service all Apple MacBook range for data recovery. Including MacBook Air data recovery, MacBook data recovery, and MacBook Pro data recovery. We also specialise in late model MacBook from the years 2015. 2016.2017,2018, 2019,2020, 2021
  • MacBook Data Recovery (12″) (2015-2018)
  • MacBook Pro Data Recovery (13″) (2009-2021)
  • MacBook Pro Data Recovery (15″) (2009-2021)
  • MacBook Air Data Recovery (11″) (2008-2021)
  • MacBook Air Data Recovery (13″) (2010-2021)
  • MacBook Pro (16″) (2020-2021)
  • Our success rate is well above the rest. ¬†Even in the most extreme cases. However, if the logic board cannot be repaired we will notify you straight away.

How Do I Get My Data Back After The Repair?

  • There are two options for you to get the recovered data back. One is we can send you back the MacBook. The other option is we can send you an external portable storage drive with all the recovered data stored in it.
  • If the data is small in size we can also put it on the cloud or ship it to you on a USB stick.
  • For more information about MacBook data recovery, contact us today.

What If I Decide Not To Go Ahead With The Repair?

  • If you decide to decline the data recovery, there is no charge. You are welcome to collect your MacBook from our workshop or we can ship it back to you anywhere in Australia for a flat fee of $49

How Long Do I have to Pay For the MacBook Data Recovery?

  • All payments for MacBook data recovery, must be paid upon completion.
  • We allow up to 3 business days for you to make the payment.
  • Your MacBook will not be sent back until we have received the full payment for the repair. This is not negotiable.
  • If you are experiencing financial difficulty please contact us to see if we can arrange a payment plan for you.
  • If 30 days have passed and no payment is received. We will deem your Macbook as abandoned and will recycle or resell in order to recover our repair costs.

How Much Does MacBook Data Recovery Cost?

  • Each MacBook Data Recovery, is based per quote.
  • You have the option of retrieving the data only or restoring the complete MacBook unit
  • Retrieving the data only is a cheaper option
  • Restoring the complete MacBook for data retrieval may incur additional charges

Postage & Shipping?

  • We accept all MacBooks Australia wide
  • We offer free Australia wide return shipping on all successful MacBook data recovery, jobs
  • If for any reason(s) the repair is canceled, $49 return shipping must be paid by the owner.

What Options Are Listed In The Quote?

  • We submit 2 options for every MacBook data recovery quote.
  • Option one is for the retrieval of the data only.
  • Option two is for the complete MacBook restoration service.
  • With the second quote option, additional parts may be required (keyboard, trackpad, battery, LCD)

Can I Send You Only The Logic Board?

  • No, we require the complete unit (complete laptop or MacBook). Not just the logic board by itself.
  • This helps us test the unit fully.
  • And find out if any of the external components are also causing any issues to the logic board.
  • If you do send us the motherboard by itself, we will kindly ask you to send us the rest of the laptop until we can start repairing it.