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Quality Refurbished MacBooks & iMacs

If you are looking for a quality used MacBook, search no more. MacBook Rehab refurbished MacBooks is your best option. Our refurbished MacBooks save you hundreds of dollars and give you a piece of mind. Each individual Macbook we sell includes 6 months warranty. You also have an option to trade-in your broken or unwanted MacBooks or just sell your MacBook. Our refurbished MacBooks are fully tested by our expert technicians. We have MacBooks to suit any budget whether if your a student or a business professional.

Purchasing a used MacBook can be a frustrating and costly experience sometimes. We at MacBook Rehab eliminate all these problems by giving you a 6 months warranty on all our refurbished and tested Macbooks.



Sell or Trade Your MacBook or iMac

Turn Your Unwanted MAC’s into CASH.

Do you have a broken or unwanted Mac that is just taken up space or collecting dust? If you do you, you may have also thought of disposing of it right?. Well here are some reasons why you shouldn’t. Firstly you can turn your unwanted or broken macs into cash. That’s right MacBook Rehab will come to you, pay and collect the same day for all your broken, unwanted macs. Secondly, every individual part will be restored, used or repaired. Therefore reducing environmental waste by 100%. Last but not least, knowing that your once cherished and much loved Mac will now be loved and cherished by another MAC lover. By using yesterday’s technology we create history.

Mobile Onsite Repair

MacBook Repair

Restore Your Mac to its Former Glory

MacBook Rehab general repairs have a quick turnaround time. We repair and service MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro. All services including SSD & RAM upgrades are done in-house. Backup and restore services available.

Noisy CPU fan, blown speaker, faulty MagSafe charge port, dead battery, smashed screen, cracked glass, cracked trackpad, keyboard not working, microphone not working, wifi module not working, you name it we can repair it.

Other MacBook issues are bad screen hinge. Liquid spill damage. A faulty logic board, physically damaged logic board repair. Backlight. LED driver and memory controller, SMC controller, PBUS controller. Magsafe charge port failure. Ram failure.


iMac Repair

Repair iMac, iMac Pro.

Although many APPLE authorized service (replacement centres) claim to do iMac repairs, in reality, they are only good at replacing parts. At MacBook REHAB, we can repair iMac Logicboards, screen connectors, power boards, graphics processor units, (GPU) on a component level. Don’t take their word of not repairable. Any iMac is repairable even if run over by a train or dropped from the second story office. 

We can replace all damaged, burnt out, shorted, missing, cold solder damaged or liquid damaged chip with logicboards and motherboards. Some of these chips are touch IC chip. BGA chip. PMU chip. Controller chip. GPU chip. IC chip. Backlight chip. Capacitors. Resistors. Diodes.


MacBook & iMac Logicboard Repair

Why Replace When You Can Repair

Logic Boards are found in iPhones, MacBook, Tablets, DJ equipment, Drones, Navigation systems, computers, sound equipment, amplifiers, car computers, equalizers all have a logic board. Logic boards are generally the most valuable hardware component of any equipment. Manufacturers will tell you that you must replace the logic board when there is an issue with it. Costing you upwards of thousands of dollars. At Gadget Fix, we can repair all logic boards for a fraction of the replacement cost. Saving you time, money and lots of headache.

Common repairs are liquid damaged logic board repair or water damaged logic board repair. Backlight IC repair, Mac sensor repair. Logic board physical damage repair. Shortcircuit repair. Fire and smoke damaged logic board repair. The storm damaged logic board repair.


MacBook Liquid Spill Repair

Spilled Liquid on Your MacBook?

Liquid spill laptop repair (A.K.A. water damaged laptop repair) accounts for almost 30% of all laptop repairs today. Most liquid spill laptop repairs we receive come from MacBook users. Although high-end laptops from the brands like DELL, Metabox, HP, and Toshiba also come into our workshop. One of the main reasons why customers use our services is because it’s cost-effective. Especially on the high-end business class laptop models. Another reason is for data recovery purposes. Because if the storage drive (SSD) is onboard (soldered onto the logic board) the only way to access the data again is by repairing it. Last reason is sentimental value. We receive many inquiries from customers regarding this issue. What we tell them is to “STOP” using the laptop immediately. Do not power it on. Becuase there may be a risk to your health. You can also cause further damage to the circuitry board and internal components making it more costly for the repair.


MacBook & iMac Data Recovery

Restore Your Lost iMac & MacBook Data Now

Whether it’s a simple date recovery or requires a lab environment, we can solve all your problems. We recover data from MacBooks & iMac. iMac late model obLaptops, SSD flash drives SD & Micro SD cards, USB drives just to name a few. Data recovery is basically the extraction of data from damaged or faulty media. The media can become damaged or faulty for reasons such as; viruses, power surges, fires, floods, failed backups.

We can recover data from physically damaged drives, phones, laptops. Tablets. Fire and smoke damaged devices. Liquid damaged devices. Storm-damaged electronic equipment.Apple iPhone, iPad, and Macbook data recovery is our specialty. 

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